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Values above goals


We believe in values above goals. Whilst every business must have a business plan, a direction in which to head and some sense of a target whether idealistic or financial it is crucial to understand why we do what we do and that this is informed and underpinned by our values.

We don't want everybody's business, only those that establish a mutually beneficial and lasting partnership.

Values that add value


Our values are integrity, authenticity, great customer service and providing you with the best business solutions we can find to meet your specific needs. 

​Our main focus is for our connection to add value. We believe that what we offer is focused attention to meet your needs. We are not going to try and squeeze a square peg into a round hole. In other words if what we have got is not for you we will not try and push it onto you. 

Values that make a difference


Whilst our core business is looking at ways to manage your utility costs in the most energy efficient, cost effective manner our experience in the small to medium business sector often finds other solutions to pain points that you may experience where we can establish connections through our vast network of contacts. Our mission is to make a positive difference to everyone we encounter. 


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Our energy audits are limited to the commercial sector in London and the Greater London area at present though if you have a regional chain of businesses we will be happy to consider working outside these areas.

We are currently working primarily with the supply of Gas and Electricity but we will shortly be able to offer excellent rates on water, waste collection, internet and can put you in touch with trusted facilities services.

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At present we do not offer a service for domestic utilities but we are happy to recommend Bulb who not only offer great prices but are very focused on sustainability and offer the best prices for renewable energy in the UK. Their customer service is almost as good as ours too!!