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How we do business

We believe in three things in business...

  1. ​Service - We are passionate about excellent service. We Listen to your needs and if we can't meet them we will not try to sell you anything.
  2. ​Simplicity - We believe in keeping things as transparent, hassle free, simple and straight forward as possible.
  3. ​Savings - Because of our responsiveness, transparency and attitude we will save you both time and money on your utility costs.

PJS Energy

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Energy Audit

Our consultant will look at your energy usage and will be able to offer short and longer term strategies to manage your energy consumption in a more cost effective and sustainable manner. This could be as simple as changing supplier or the types of light fittings that you are using.

MPAN Number


Identifying your MPAN Number

Your MPAN number can be found on your bill from your present supplier (see image). If we have this ahead of our visit we will be able to let you know instantly, whether we can get you a better deal on your energy supply.