More than saving money

Our customers are saving hundreds and in some cases thousands of pounds on their energy bills but more than that they are coming to us to help them resolve any number of issues through our network of trusted traders and companies.

We have collective experience in the retail sector, the charity sector, training, events management, the music business, supply chain management, leadership development, the waste industry, property maintenance, facilities management, personal development, relationship management, conflict resolution, marketing and ecommerce. We bring more to the table than just cheap gas and electricity!! We will be happy to hear from you on any matter if you think that we may be able to help in other areas. 

What we do

Whilst our core business is to assess your energy needs and provide you with the best gas and electricity deals to meet your needs, we also offer related services that can assist you in meeting your sustainability goals in a cost effective manner. 

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"PJS have saved hundreds of pounds per year in my retail stores. The personal service was excellent as PJS took care of everything before and after the energy switch and has given brilliant after sales care"

​- Mr. Solomon - Owner of Mighty Pound Stores

​"I have 2 stores in North West London. PJS have been able to save me thousands of pounds  per year on my electricity bill alone. My consultant Paul is a very trustworthy and reliable person who was able to answer all my questions and dealt with everything for me."

​- Mr. Patel - Owner of Blue Mountain Peak Retail Businesses.

Latest News

01/07/2017 - Energy Audit Launched

We are happy to announce the launch of our FREE energy audit. We are offering this opportunity to businesses in London and Greater London to assess your energy usage and help provide solutions that have been saving some of our customers thousands of pounds per year. You can book yours by calling us on 07930 131 595 or filling out the contact form on this site.